Healing Through Awareness​

Are you ready to invite more balance, ease, and possibility into your life?.

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Allow me to support your journey and see what awarenesses await you. ​

As an intuitive healing coach, I offer empathic presence to guide you in your own unique healing process.  By unlocking your own embodied wisdom, we can discover new possibilities and pathways to ease, clarity, release, presence, and well-being.  We’ll explore potent tools and techniques to bring more consciousness and vitality to your life.

Discover how your body’s wisdom can guide your journey

Often the outward symptoms of feeling anxious, overwhelmed, confused, depressed or disconnected have their roots in limiting beliefs or stuck patterning brought on by trauma, energetic, or spiritual blocks. 

The LaChiara Method modality is so impactful for clients because it allows us to work on all facets of healing: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, energetic, and genetic.  I work with clients to gently bring clarity to where these patterns lie, and develop a plan for how to hold and work with them.

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Allow me to support your journey and see what awarenesses await you.

Hi, I'm Nina

I’ve always been driven to help people. What began as a healing journey for myself, became a way for me to share my compassionate, down-to-earth, healing nature with others.  I’m passionate about listening and facilitating others on their healing and wellness journey. I feel called to be of service to others especially in the realm of healing.

Nina’s thoughtful and caring support has brought sweetness and ease into my life. She is able to use her direct perception and intuition to tune into what I need, while carefully checking with me and being open to other ideas, co-creating a safe container. At the end of our time together on the phone, I’ll say goodbye feeling so cared for that invariably I fall into the most deeply relaxed nap while I integrate the wisdom I uncovered with her gentle witnessing.
In August of 2020, Gabrielli suggested I try LaChiara Method Sessions with Nina. We have worked over the phone at least once or twice a month for an entire year and I couldn’t be more grateful for the gentle and compassionate attention she offers within each session. I am pleasantly surprised by how much we unpack within an hour, and also by what comes to the surface during the work. These sessions are like unwrapping a divine gift, I feel often it is exactly what I was needing to process as it all simply falls into place amongst the questions of my being. I feel very fortunate to have Nina to guide me through the LaChiara Method Practices.
Erin Renee